Arisa Health Announces New Recruitment and Retention Benefits

Recently Arisa Health announced several positive changes to its employee compensation and benefits that are designed to help the organization “Recruit, Engage, Retain, and Invest” in its workforce.

Brian Davis Named CEO of Professional Counseling Associates

Springdale, Arkansas (March 2, 2021) -- Arisa Health has announced that Counseling Associates, Inc. CEO Brian Davis will assume the responsibilities of CEO at Professional Counseling Associates in addition to remaining as CEO of Counseling Associates.

WIlbur D. Mills Acquisition by Arisa Health

Springdale, Arkansas (October 7th, 2020) -- Today Arisa Health announced the purchase of the Wilbur D. Mills Treatment Center in Searcy, Arkansas.

PCA - 2020 Practitioner of the Year

Springdale, Arkansas (August 1st, 2020) -- Professional Counseling Associates (PCA) is pleased to select Jeff Walker, LCSW, as Practitioner of the Year.

Arisa Health Receives Grant to Support Behavioral Health Services

Springdale, Arkansas (June 30, 2020) -- Arisa Health, a leading behavioral health provider, is expanding services during a time when behavioral health care is more crucial than ever. Social distancing requirements have led to limits in services provided by behavioral health workers, even though research that shows disasters often lead to increases in anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and post-traumatic stress.

Arisa Health Crisis Stabilization Units to Offer Free Covid-19 Support Groups

Springdale, Arkansas (April 30th, 2020) -- Arisa Health announced today that four Regional Crisis Stabilization Units operated by counties and staff by behavioral health professionals will offer tele-health support groups for Arkansas residents who have tested postitive for the COVID-19 virus..

Behavioral Health Providers Finalize Affiliation

Springdale, AR (February 28, 2020) -- In October of 2019, four of Arkansas’ leading behavioral health providers announced they had signed a Letter of Intent to form one of the state’s premier integrated behavioral health systems.